Thursday, 30 August 2012

it's been a while, again. but i bid farewell, not in pain

I've lived in the shadows pretty much all my life, by choice this would not be true
I've played and worked in these shadows too, not by choice this would be blue
I like the shadows, I've grown to love it
I'm leaving this town in a week, I'm leaving this country to escape a bit
Nevertheless my love will remain here, but still travel with me.

I'll miss the shadows and all it's crew.
I'll love them through and through.

I wasn't born here but it feels like home.
My home of shadows, is where I'm known.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

In the South of Africa for my cousins wedding. cousin's wedding in South Africa. Pretty epic. So was the wedding.

Needing directions. that's no cellphone, rather a carphone..
When we eventually got there, this was the car my cousin cruised in. what a lovely piece of machinery!

Burgers, without patties. Curry filled with additions of all sorts..
It doesn't look as amazing as it tasted.
If only camera's could capture smell!
We left the wedding and got back to a mates house where he handed me one of these.
Needless to say but my night was a blur!
Once again my camera helped me bring back some fuzzy memories..
The new balance on a grid.
In true wedding spirit!
After some other types of spirits..
Waking up on uShaka beach.
It was really beautiful, then my head started aching and hating on me.
Going macro on some local greenery. The legal type.
Durban's full of the illegal greenery.
Skating around the urban streets and I find one whole sidewalk with some life.
Dirtbin really leaving some dirtyness on the car.
I washed the car and said farewell to Durban.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I don't belong here.

My boss is a small boy, who can't have his own small boys or girls in fact. I don't even think a pet is a good idea for him.

I work my ass off.
I am proud of my work.
He thinks I'm lazy and I do not put in enough effort.
He hates my work.
He hates me now.
I want to leave.
I can't leave, just yet.
This is hate speech.
Not saying I hate him.
Dislike is a better word.
So, it's dislike speech.

He's manipulative and greedy. He had no right to speak to me like that or ask me to leave the company. I will leave when I want to. When I'm done. He will not get any of my winning designs anymore. None of my ideas. He thought I didn't put in effort. He'll understand what no effort is now. I did not ask for this, he has brought it upon himself and the brand. I love the brand, it's hard not to but I think I'm in love with it. Not sexually. duh. I appreciate and respect everything the Captain has done for my passion and my scape goat. That's the only reason I stay. That and my debt. The debt will be gone soon and so will I.

The UAE is calling.
Fuck you!

Not sincerely, your employee.