Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I don't belong here.

My boss is a small boy, who can't have his own small boys or girls in fact. I don't even think a pet is a good idea for him.

I work my ass off.
I am proud of my work.
He thinks I'm lazy and I do not put in enough effort.
He hates my work.
He hates me now.
I want to leave.
I can't leave, just yet.
This is hate speech.
Not saying I hate him.
Dislike is a better word.
So, it's dislike speech.

He's manipulative and greedy. He had no right to speak to me like that or ask me to leave the company. I will leave when I want to. When I'm done. He will not get any of my winning designs anymore. None of my ideas. He thought I didn't put in effort. He'll understand what no effort is now. I did not ask for this, he has brought it upon himself and the brand. I love the brand, it's hard not to but I think I'm in love with it. Not sexually. duh. I appreciate and respect everything the Captain has done for my passion and my scape goat. That's the only reason I stay. That and my debt. The debt will be gone soon and so will I.

The UAE is calling.
Fuck you!

Not sincerely, your employee.

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