Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Never throw it away..

fashion. a word that has changed people's lives, wether in a good way or bad we all know it has. the industry is so interesting and lets people express themselves in a way that no other medium could. people would argue with me that music is more expressive or art, graphics, painting etc. as well but all of these have limitations to the rights of inspiration - copying. If I was a music artist and loved a sound, paragraph, beat or riff and used it in a piece of mine I'd have lawsuits coming out from all imaginable places. So on with all these other mediums but fashion has no copyrights therefore leaving you to be the creator of something so great. I hear a song or see a painting and wonder that if it had a touch of this song or this movement how much more appealing it would be to a wider audience. I strongly believe that if you see something and think you can make it better then why not? Challenge the "Top" fashion designers, show them that you too have what it takes. Every designer has their own look & loves and this is what tears us apart from each other, humans are all different no matter how ordinary you may think you are. fashion is and will always be. Trends come around so frequently these days that we could go through a whole century or two of design in one season. I recently moved houses and had a nice look at what was in my wardrobe and came to a realization that there are garments in there that i just cannot throw away, no matter how ugly they are to me, i just can't throw them out. i know that they'll come back into fashion. colours, fabrics, styling, even dam stitching changes and comes back around, this means that pretty much everything has a chance to come back into fashion. Things that i looked at a couple years ago and would never think twice about even putting my arm out to grab it are appealing now. fashion hey

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