Thursday, 23 June 2011

La Vista House - Mozambique

I went for a little surf trip to a country called Mozambique, in the south of Africa.
The roads are all sand and most buildings are vacant.
The waves are good and the locals are chilled, but when the sun goes down the Rum gets pulled out.
You'll notice no night shots due to the copious R&R's. (Rum & Raspberries)
If you ever go to Ponta Do Ouro make sure you pay Fernando's a visit..Thank me in the morning

The National Flag
One of the many ancient ruins..

"Administration of the Maitime of Maputo" but this is Ponto D' Ouro??
The view off the roof, down the road and into the surf.
Exploring after getting a little wet.
A baby eel washed up on shore, mega macro!
My friendly friend.
Having a couple sundowners and spotted this guy.
A luxury suite on the lake.
I do not remember taking this.
Leaving Fernando's...
The Hangover Part III for me, we drove up to the next point..
The only swell I could find.
Saying goodbye to a country that I will return to.

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